Who is Denknetz?
Denknetz is Switzerland’s social critic of a think-tank. Our credo is the universality of human rights: for us the fundamental values of freedom, equality and solidarity form an indivisible whole. We are an independent association, which makes us a bottom-up think-tank. Our base is 1,700 members as of Jan. 2021, and around 80 active volunteers in subject groups, projects and committees. Fourteen different organizations support Denknetz as institutional members, including the Federation of Swiss Trade Unions, the Social-Democratic Party and the Young Greens.
Denknetz intends to offer a platform for exchanges among people from different progressive communities, free from the limitations imposed by the logic of institutional politics. We seek to develop fundamental concepts leading to reform, with no need for the tactical manoeuvres typical of routine politics. The various Denknetz subject groups and the central group thus develop ideas, among others, for making the economy and finance (more) democratic, the fight to change the pharmaceutical industry so it serves the interests of the population, the care of people in advanced old age, guaranteeing pensions, the future of work, fiscal redistribution of society’s wealth, the path leading to a global society of care, and the future of democracy.
The active members of Denknetz come from many very different communities. Many are active in NGOs, political parties, movements or trade unions, others are students or teach and do research, many work in private industry or public service or have retired. This variety is important for us and provides the basis for what we call democratic expertise, which is people with different knowledge, experiences and traditions all joining together in reflection.